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Board of Directors

The Drexel Hillel Board of Directors is the governing board of Drexel Hillel, and is a constituent agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and Hillel International. Our Board of Directors works in collaboration with Drexel University to ensure that Drexel Hillel continues to develop as a premier center for Jewish life on campus in Philadelphia and beyond.

Please contact Rabbi Isabel de Koninck if you are interested in parent or alumni leadership roles to help advance the growth of Drexel Hillel.

Drexel Hillel Board of Directors 2022-23


Peter Tilles (P’17), President

Joel Muderick (’02), Vice President

Bryce Istvan (’13), Treasurer

Lisa Hirsch Schwenderman (’88), Leadership and Governance Chair


David Becher (Faculty)

Tara Cherwony (’18)

Allie Cohen (’19)

Jonathan Coopersmith (’20)

Nomi Eve (Faculty and Parent)

Ken Goldman

Bryce Istvan (’13)

Robyn Judelsohn (’93)

Matt Kuttner (’15)

Peter Lewis (’17)

Anne Malmud

Ben Perwien (’11)

Lisa Schwenderman (’88)

Joseph Steinhardt (Faculty)

Student Representatives

Atara Saunders (’25)

Cam Thaler (’24)

Jared Matlis (’25)

Ex Officio

Rabbi Isabel de Koninck, Executive Director, Drexel Hillel

Katie Zamulinsky, Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Life, Drexel University (Assigned Representative from Drexel University)