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Religious Accommodations for Jewish Holidays

By August 29, 2022No Comments

Asking your professors for religious accommodations is stressful, but you’re entitled to it in accordance with University policy! Our Jewish Student Association 2022 put together this draft email for how to ask for a religious accommodation. Feel free to copy and paste it!

Subject: Religious Accommodation for [Course Number] 

Dear Professor [last name], 

I am enrolled in your course [course number]. I identify as an observing [religious affiliation], and I am writing to request that you make accommodations for my religious observance this semester in accordance with the college’s attendance policy. On [enter date or dates] we will be observing [name of holiday]. This observance coincides with [name of assignment] that is listed on the syllabus.  

I would like to work with you to explore how I can meet the requirements of your course while still honoring my religious practice. One option that I would propose is [enter request]. I would also be open to any other suggestions that you might have. 

If it would be easier, I would be happy to talk with you about this further in person or by phone.

Should you have any questions about the reasoning or observance of this [name of religious holiday], please feel free to contact Rabbi Isabel de Koninck, Executive Director and Campus Rabbi for Hillel at Drexel University,

Thank you in advance for accommodating my request. 


[Name, phone number optional]